Stout Plan

Residential Landscape Plan, San Diego, CA


This is a typical example of Residential Landscape Plan.  A handy homeowner or Licensed Landscape Contractor could could install this design from this Plan.  Plotted on a 24"x 36" sheet (or larger if necessary).  Everything is to scale.  Plant symbols represent the mature plant width.  Legends provide both Common and Botanical names as well as recommended container size, quantities, and any necessary notes. 

Typical Irrigation Plan


This is a blow-up of a typical residential Irrigation Plan.  At the center is the schematic of the Valve Manifold with tags for each valve showing valve number, size, & flow in Gallons per Minute (GPM).  Also show are irrigation lines & heads.

Schandera manifold
Irrigation legend1

Typical Irrigation Head Legend


This is a typical Irrigation Head Legend.  Including Symbol, Manufacturer, Model #, Description, Arc, Radius, PSI, &  Gallons per Minute (GPM).

Typical Plan View Detail


This Plan View Detail is drafted to help the builder install this design with minimal guess work.

Tak Bench
retaining wall plan

Typical Retaining Wall Plan


This is a typical Retaining Wall Plan drafted to County of San Diego standards.  Showing existing conditions, property lines, and location of proposed new Retaining Wall.

Typical Retaining Wall Section/Detail


retaining wall section