On-site Consultations

On-site consultations are an excellent way to get a quick and affordable hand drawn Landscape Plan.  Landscape Architect Jeremy Sison will visit you at your property & discuss your problem areas, concerns and/or your vision for your landscape.  While on-site, he will answer any of your questions to the best of his knowledge.  He can also provide a hand drawn Conceptual Landscape Plan that most handy homeowners and/or Licensed Landscape Contractors can build from.  The rate for these consultations is $125 for the 1st hour & $100/hour for any additional hours, if necessary.  The length of the consultation is at the discretion of the property owner with 1 hour being the minimum.   


......or what used to be called "Blueprints", are the next level in detail from a hand drawn Conceptual Plan.  Plans are drafted with the latest software and are always legible, to scale, and easy to build from.  Prices for a Plan start at $600 with most costing between $1000 & $3000 for typical residential home.     


Need a Landscape Plan accepted by your Home Owner's Association (H.O.A.) or municipality?  We can help you get approval without diluting the vision for your Landscape.  We have worked with most of the municipalities in San Diego County (including the city of San Diego), Fire Departments, the California Coastal Commission, & numerous H.O.A.'s.  

Plant Settings

Do you already have a Landscape Plan but feeling overwhelmed when it comes to placing the plants?  Not sure how to tell the different species of plants apart?  Landscape Architect Jeremy Sison can come to your property or job-site to help you:

  1. Make sure the nursery delivered the plants you ordered.
  2. Differentiate the plants by species.
  3. Place the plants by plan to make sure that the placement coincides with your vision for your landscape.

Project Management 

Need help making sure your landscape is installed per Plan & on budget?  Landscape Architect Jeremy Sison can help make sure that  your vision of your landscape comes to fruition while you carry on with your busy life.